CMP Pad Conditioners
  Heated sapphire windows and Heated Forelines



Brief Description

TCX coatings can serve as heaters and sensors. TCX heater/sensor arrays enable robust real-time control of a thermal process. The coatings are made by applying molten advanced material complexes directly onto the part to be heated. Electrical resistance is determined by controlling the material composition and geometry of the coatings.

Many Additional Mechanical Advantages

  • Wide range of temperature, voltage and power
  • Higher watt density (up to 400 watts per square inch) than nichrome (used in 90% of electric heaters)
  • Precision heating zones
  • Hard, abrasion resistant, machinable coatings suitable for industrial applications
  • Intimately bonded thermal coatings enable high heat transfer rates into or out of substrates
  • Wide range of substrates available (metals, glass, polymers, ceramics)
  • Thermal sensor arrays built into coatings
  • Conformal, virtually and shape possible

Heated Sapphire Windows

Sapphire windows heated with our patent pending TCX heating technology

  • Can be made in a variety of sizes and shapes to meet your needs
  • TCX Technology is custom designed to meet your thermal needs.
  • Response time can be fast or slow, depending on your application
  • Excellent Thermal Uniformity - as little as 2C variation depending on design
  • 150C continuous temperature at under 10 watts on small windows
  • Designed to meet your electrical requirements - AC or DC, 1.5 to 240 volts

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