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TKF is the sole US authorized representative for Creative Technology of Japan, Creative is a semiconductor industry leader in the E-Chuck refurbishing and component re-anodization of equipment, as well as providing a second source for those components. Domestically, these refurbishing and re-anodization services have proven to be a tremendous cost savings to several semiconductor fabrication facilities.

1. Polyimide ESC

Polyimide ESCs are widely used on semiconductor manufacturing equipment such as those made by Tokyo Electron & Applied Materials.

Creative has developed an extensive amount of experience in refurbishing Polyimide E-chucks providing an expedient turnaround to the customer and using a transparent procedure for tracking parts from the time of receipt to the final shipping. Detailed reports are provided in case an E-chuck is difficult to refurbish and returned. See example below.

Examples of refurbished or newly manufactured Polyimide ESC’s:TEL tools: 8500, SCCM, DRM, IEM, 8500 and others.Amat tools: Amat DPS®, Amat MXP® and Amat P-5000®

Lam tools: TCP® 9600, Alliance® 9400 and 4520 Excelan®



2. Ceramic ESC

TKF offers superb Ceramic ESC refurbishing services for several Tool manufacturers like TEL (Tokyo Electron), Applied Materials, Novellus, Lam and others. Through Creative Technology, TKF also offers new technologies in Ceramic e-chuck or thermally sprayed e-chucks for OEM’s using superior methods for added quality and life benefits.

Once received from the customer, all ESC’s go through rigorous inspection to assure that the part is not damaged beyond repair, if it is, a report is issued describing the problem, see below.

Depending on type of ESC and the damage, several procedures are done at Creative Technologies.

  1. Remounting of Ceramic Plate. Mounting a new Ceramic Plate. Stripping and thermally respray Ceramic
  2. Redimpling of Ceramic when needed.

Examples of Ceramic E-chucks refurbished are TEL SCCM®, Amat Super E®, Novellus Concept II Speed, Amat Ultima HDP®…etc.


Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What warranty is offered?
A: Creative in most cases offers the same warranty as the original OEM

Q: What quality checks are performed post refurbish?
A: Many properties are checked, clamping force, electrical properties, Helium leak rate, surface roughness, visual inspection & more depending on type of ESC.

Q: Are you copper certified?
A: Yes.

Q: Is there a tracking Mechanism put in place?
A: All parts are tracked by serial number from start to finish, this tracking data is stored or future use.

Please contact us if you have more questions



TKF and Creative offer a wide variety of newly manufactured and refurbished chamber components for many OEM tools. The same strict quality standard is used for stripping annodization and reannodizing parts.The unique reannodization process and component refurbish process saves customers millions of dollars in new part consumption.Example parts on Tokyo Electron tools:

  • Baffle plates, slanted and not slanted, new and refurbished.
  • Upper electrode, Vespel® and non-Vespel® types.
  • Focus rings, Aluminum, Silicon, ALN, Quartz and Ceramic.
  • Depo shields, new and refurbished.
  • Anodized Depo window, unique non-screw design.
  • Cover bellows, new and refurbished
  • Polyimide and Ceramic E-chucks.
  • Screws, fasteners and other components.

Other OEM components include Amat TXZ® and DXZ® refurbished Ceramic and ALN heaters, Lam redesigned Silicon electrodes, Sapphire components, Anodized GDP, Anodized showerheads and much more. Please contact us with a reference number, drawing or description and we will provide pricing and availability as soon as possible.

 Advanced thermally sprayed chamber components:

Have a particle or Aluminum Floride (ALF) problem in your process? Could it be released from you Aluminum chamber components? Then resort to the state of the art thermally sprayed chamber components in Al2O3 or Y2O3.

Many of the new OEM tools are introduced with a Y2O3 coating, but Creative technologies is able to apply this new technology to existing 200 mm chamber components.

Powders used are extremely pure, preserving cleanliness of your process. Please contact us for more information on this technology, a whole chamber kit can be done, Baffle plate, anode, bellow cover, window depo and others.

Please contact us if you have more questions